Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Summer and now back to school

This was the first summer vacation I've had in a long time. Usually I have to work but because of budget cuts.....I really liked it though as time went by. I did some yard work but then it got to hot and I had nice friends like Nancy and Barbara let me enjoy their pools. My nephew came and stayed a couple of days with his children and wife. It was nice to see him all grown up and with kids,I don't see them very often as you can tell. Then several friends came and stayed a few days with Nancy and we got to talk about all times. My daddy wasn't doing well at the first of the summer so Aaron, Bobbi, and Keegan went down and spent a couple of days with them. He seems so much better now and I saw him again in June at a reunion. He is 91 and every chance I get to see him is precious to me. Aaron got a new house and they are really excited about that. It's out near Tommy Smith and Merritt Brown schools. We used to ride horses all during the woods, that was all that was there, now it's all houses.Aaron and Bobbi are finding out how it is to take care of a house and yard. Now I've been in school almost two weeks getting ready for our wonderful sweet children (ahhhh)!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hope and pray everybody will have a wonderful year and God Bless each one.

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