Sunday, May 1, 2011

Royal Weddings Weekend

This has been a really nice weekend. I took Friday off to watch the Royal Wedding at 3:00!!! My friend Barbara and Kendra and I were all on the phone together giving our opinion on the differnt hats mostly. They were really different. The bride looked lovely and the groom so handsome. He really looks like his mother to me. It looked like everything went just as planned and that was a lot of planning. Then on Saturday I went to my best friends son's wedding. It was so pretty. She had purple and white and it looked so pretty. David seemed his happy self and I'm so happy for him and his new wife. The reception was beautiful. It was at a friends lovely home and the decorations and food were wonderful. God's blessings on both the couples. I still don't know how to pictures, but just wait til I can. My grandson Keegan goes for his follow up check up next week, please pray for a good report. Thank you for all your prayers.

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