Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

Iwas driving home from work and thought these were cute~

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Keegans 3rd Birthday

Keegan, Bobbi and Aaron are on their way home and I am getting ready for a little birthday surprise. I bought him a spiderman bike and cake and balloons and he had gifts from friends.

I saw them coming so I tried to get a picture when they walked in the door. We had a lot of fun and Keegan was really surprised. He liked the balloons the best I think. This is just how I had it set up! Notice his SpongeBob cake.

This is the birthday boy on his new Spiderman bike.  I was so excited, we had to ride back and forth,
He does really good just need to get some air in his tires.  He will have to ride outside where he has more room.

This is one of his presents.  My secret pal at work gave me this for Keegan.  It was full of all diferent kinds of things, coloring book and crayons, BIG puzzle (Spongebob of coursee) pajamas and a watch, which he immediately loved and would tell you the time every time you asked.  It was amost always 1:00. 

This is THE bike.  He has a spiderman helment, but can't wear it right now because of his ear being burned.  He took off on it though.

He used the balloons as a punching bag.

                          Now its time for cake and he really enjoyed it. I got a real sweet kiss when I left.