Tuesday, April 20, 2010

This weekend my neighbor took me to get a load of mulch. I was unloading the mulch into the wheelbarrow and doing a pretty good job I thought until my foot slipped down the tailgate and onto the pavement while my back hit the truck. It was a beautiful sight to behold!!!!!!!!!!!! Well my flower beds look good anyway. I'm not quite through. This picture of Lacey is with her Easter egg and the flower is from my mothers home on Huntingdon She planted them here at my house and they are still beautiful, just like my mother. Please keep Keegan in your prayers.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

I just got back from church and the grocery store. I talked with Aaron and they had to put Keegan back in the hospital. He had a fever and can't keep anything down. Aaron is engaged to a beautiful young lady named Bobbi and she has a 2 year old son named Keegan. Well, naturally he has won my heart, he is so precious and sweet. About two weeks ago we found out that he has cancer, a very rare form. He is starting his treatments and they are making him very sick. The doctor's are very positive about the outcome and we praise the Lord for that. They ran all kinds of test and it has not spread anywhere. Praise the Lord, again! Please keep Keegan in your prayers, each one is precious. Aaron and Bobbi have rented a efficency apartment close to the hospital, Aaron comes home to work 10 hour days so he can relieve Bobbi a little bit on the weekend. Thanks again for all your prayers.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

I have really enjoyed my Spring break! I've done some yard work and a few things in the house. I did get a little shopping in! Time to get things ready to get back to the little darlings at school. Please keep Keegan in your prayers. Aaron made it over there yesterday and was so glad to see Bobbi and Keegan.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Boy am I good on this blogging, Ha!

I'm coming right along! It really is fun, I just hope I can remember everything1

Christmas with Keegan

This is Keegan my grandson on Christmas morning. Santa was real good to all of us, but Keegan made it special.

Still learning.....

Nancy is doing a great job. So far I've gotten my blog picture on and am learning how to post on my blog. I know this is real interesting to everyone,but for me it is a real accomplishment! Now on trying how to remember how to do pictures!