Friday, April 1, 2011

School is in full swing!

I do mean school is in full swing, fighting is more and more and it's mostly the girls. Sent one to the emergency yesterday, it was an off campus fight, but one of the girls got real beat up. We are also getting ready for FCAT, that makes the natives restless too. Bless the te!achers hearts they try so hard to get these children to learn and some of them really want to.

I'm excited about tomorrow. Katie and MG are bringing the children over so we can babysit while they go to a shower for their friend Maggie. I haven't seen the kids in so long they probably will be a little shy and wonder who is this lady! Maybe we will have some cute pictures from this special day.

I played a good April Fools joke on my friend this morning. I told her one of the para's had ask me to go for coffee and I said yes. She couldn't believe it! She just said no you're not and I really had her going, then I told her April Fools. We laughed so hard cause she knows I'm not looking for anybody!!!!!!!!!!

Well better go and get rested up for tomorrow!

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